Getting Help

Q: How to contact someone to ask question about any topic?

A: Call or text anytime at 720-515-8892 or send us a message through the Contact us Page.


Q: Is there a money-back customer satisfaction guarantee?

A: Yes.  Contact Littletunes to submit any request.

Q: How can I communicate with my teacher?

A: Send your message through the Contact Us section and we will be sure that obtain a reply.

The Classes

Q: What are the benefits of early childhood music classes?

A: Scientific research demonstrates that early childhood music supports all areas of child development and skills including intellectual, social-emotional, motor and language.  

Q: What computer equipment is needed to take a class?

A:  Any Apple or Android device with a webcam (smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer).

Q: How can the class be accessed online?

A: Littletunesmusic will send you a link to access your virtual classroom before the class begins.

Q: What musical equipment is needed to participate in a class?

A: None.  However, we encourage parents to purchase a small musical instrument or instruments which can be utilized before or after class.  A list of recommended instruments is shown under the "Products" section of the website.

Q: Do does the parent/caregiver need any prior musical training before a class?

A: No.

Q: Is the parent/caregiver required to attend the class along with the child?

A: Yes.

Q: Are classes offered for children with special needs?

A: Yes.  Call, email or text us and we will organize the right fit for special accommodations.


Q: What experience do teachers have?

A: Littletunes teachers are required to have at least two years early childhood teaching or relevant experience.  

Q: How does Littletunes select teachers?

A: Teachers are selected with a thorough interview process including teaching observation and background checks.

Q: Is it possible to try a second class free with a different teacher, or a third class?

A: Yes.  Parents/caregivers can try out as many different teachers as they like and the first lesson with any new teacher is always free.  To book a free class with a different teacher, just book a class with a new teacher from the website.


Q: How are time zones managed in the scheduling process?

A: All classes and appointment times are shown in Mountain Time. 


Q: How are payments handled ?

A: All payments are made online through the Littletunes website with a credit or debit card (or via gift certificate).  

Q: What is included in a monthly subscription?

A: Unlimited classes with the teacher of your choice.  A parent/caregiver can always book a free first class with a new teacher or multiple new teachers if desired.  

Q: Can I change the teacher associated with my monthly subscription?

A: Yes.  Please call, text or email us submit the request to Littletunes.  

Q: Can I purchase classes one at a time?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Is it possible to purchase gift certificates?

A: Yes!  Please email, call or text us and will can organize a gift certificate for you.  Gift certificates are sold in any denomination.  Gift cards are valid for use one-year after purchase.


Q: What video-conference system is used for the classes?

A: Zoom.

Is it possible to test the video-conference system before the class begins?

A: Yes, just call or text us to organize a test.

Q: What happens if there is a problem with video conference connection?

A: Call or text us as soon as any problem arises and we will work to take corrective action.

Cancel / Make-Ups

Q: How do I cancel a lesson?

A: A lesson can be cancelled by clicking on the lesson confirmation email sent to you by Littletunesmusic and follow the prompts.  Any lesson can also be canceled through the schedule feature in your online account with us.  You can also cancel a lesson by calling, emailing or texting Littletunesmusic.

Q: What is the make-up policy?

A: There is no make-up policy as the student can attend as many lessons during the dates for the price of the monthly subscription.  

Q: What happens if the teacher is sick or otherwise unable to teach a class?

A:  On a best efforts basis, Littletunes will provide a substitute teacher or provide access to an alternative class.

Q: Does Littletunes offer classes on holidays?

A: Littletunes offers classes everyday of the year except New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.  

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